Corn Snake

The other day I got a frantic call from the wife informing me that I had yet another Corn Snake caught in the deer nesting. Typical! I've spent many hours trying to catch a fish in the Raritan Bay without much success.... Maybe I need to take some deer netting out there with me. Anyway I digress. The end result was that I did some major surgery cutting the critter out of the deer netting. I must confess that all those hours of watching ER really paid off. Actually the Corn Snake was extracted with only 2 minor lacerations (ER lingo for cuts). Once freed, my wife took some pictures while I did my Crocodile hunter imitation. Crickkee, what a beauty this little baby was. After the photo session the Corn Snake was safely relocated to the farm behind our house. You're ok mate!

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RuthieJ said...

Hi Owlman,
Just want to say welcome to the world of bird and nature blogging. I saw your comment on Julie's blog and she was also the person who influenced me the most in starting my own blog.

I'm adding you to my blog roll and look forward to keeping up on the happenings in your area.

I'm an early riser for work and so this morning at 3:30 when I was out filling birdfeeders, I did hear a male and female great horned owl hooting to each other over in my neighbor's woods. Cool stuff--I really like owls too.