eBird Google Gadget

Wow, the world of birding is finally hitting the cyberspace in a big way. eBird has just launched a Google Gadget that sends rare bird alert sighting info directly to your iGoogle homepage. Ok, so a few of you just experienced vertigo when I mentioned the words gadget and iGoogle - don't worry adding this new gadget to your homepage is easy and safe!

To find out more info about the eBird Gadget such as:
  • What the heck is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I get it?
  • How do I participate?
Simply click on the link below

I was thinking maybe I need to share some of the 'new' birding technology over the next couple of weeks. Do you use anything that I should be aware of to watch birds, attract birds, record birds etc?

Two blog posts that come to mind are both by Patrick at the Hawk Owl Nest. One is on the Wingscapes Bird Cam and the other is audio software that Patrick used to manipulate bird calls.

If you've used the internet, hardware or software to enhance your birding experience let me know. I have downloaded eBird and I am hoping to get tons of info from it.

By the way, eBird also has a Google maps sections that "not only shows you where eBird birding hotspots and your personal locations are found on the map, but it also allows you to select these for data entry directly from the map!"
** Final thought - Has any contributed or used eBird? What has your experience been? How does this tool compare to other listserv/email distribution tools?

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