Packers 10-1

One of my great passions besides family, work and birds is sport. I am a massive rugby fan - which is genetic for all South African males. By the way the SA national team is called the Springboks or Boks for short.
Since living in the States I have adopted the Green Bay Packers as my team. Honestly I selected the Packers based on the fact that they wear the same colors as the Springboks. I started supporting the Pack in 1999 and since then it has been a pretty tough battle. This year the birds have come to roost and the Pack are doing awesomely well and I want to shout it from the mountain tops.
For those of you who missed the game earlier today, the Pack smacked the Lions at home. I couldn't be happier as our legendary quarterback Brett Favre is having a superb season at the ripe old age of 38 (old for the NFL)! Brett is a real super star that is down to earth and he really represents the best that pro athletes have to offer in terms of role model and the love of the game. Next week the Pack meet Dallas in an epic battle for NFC supremacy. If you want to watch some great football make sure you switch over to the NFL channel next Thursday.

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Jochen said...

Hi Owlman!
I have added you to my blog's links because
a) I like your blog and
b) it might help with one of my "Nemesis" groups: Owls

Surely their calls are great, but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd also like to SEE them.
Cheers, happy Thanksgiving and happy owling trails!