Photo of owl box flashing

Here's a photo of the owl box flashing that I put up last weekend. I sprayed it brown to make it less of an eye sore and it came out pretty nicely. I have also included a photo of the primary reason for the flashing - Raccoons. I have raccoons that have taken up residence in a dead tree next to the owl box.

Last May I was shocked when I heard what sounded like the death screams of a Tasmanian devil coming from the back garden. I rushed over there with adrenaline pumping through my veins. What I saw was amazing. Bailing out of the hollowed out of tree stump like toast from a toaster, were little balls of fur.

At first my brain couldn't process what was happening and then I realized that babies were jumping out of the stump. I guess the baby raccoons couldn't handle the domestic argument that was happening inside their house and decided to bail out. I managed to track one down and snapped a few pics.
Later that night I went out onto my deck and I could hear the whole gang calling for their mommy. I checked the next morning and all three little ones were nowhere to be found so I guess she managed to get them back into the stump safe and sound.

What an amazing place we live in!

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mon@rch said...

my goodness, those are some tiny little guys! Like seeing how you do your flashing!