Set your clock by the birds

Coming from a place where the seasons meld into one you really appreciate a place like New Jersey. Yip, you heard correct - I actually like the weather we have here in the North East. The thing that I really enjoy is the change in both the physical and birding landscape. A couple of years back I started keeping track of when my Trees Swallows arrive back. The thing that really amazed me was how regular they were. I get MAJOR spring fever and each year it feels like they are arriving back later, when in reality their internal clock stays accurate. In 2003 they arrived on the 25th of March, in 2004 on the 23rd, 2005 the 25th and 2007 the 27th.

I have now started to keep a garden list of the Fall migrants and I am also keeping track of when my mulberry tree drops its leaves. Sound insane? Well it probably is. The weird thing that I noticed with the mulberry tree is that it drops it leaves in a single day.
This year I decided to record that date so I can see how well the mulberry tree does. Maybe I'll be setting my watch according to the mulberry tree soon. Actually that sounds like a wacky name for a movie: Setting your watch by the mulberry tree....


oldmanlincoln said...

Actually, what you are doing should be done by more people. I have kept a daily journal for many years and record almost everything from temperature to new birds or old bird and animals. I think it is important and am glad I found someone else who does too.

Thanks for the link and for the visit.

RuthieJ said...

Interesting observation about the mulberry trees....mine did the same thing this year and it's the first time I actually noticed. We had our first cold night with temps down in the 20's. Since I go to work in the dark, I didn't notice it, but when I got home at 2:30, the leaves were all on the ground! Amazing....not a single mulberry leaf on any branch. Now I wish I would have noted that date in my nature journal.