Vultures roosting

My 3 year old shouted excited when she looked out the kitchen window - "Look daddy a vulture!" I looked out and sure enough there was a Turkey vulture roosting in one of our trees. I looked around and found another one a couple of trees over. Turkey vultures are common in NJ, but this sighting was exciting for two reasons: a) this is the first time I have had a vulture roosting in my garden and b) I may have a little birder developing in the house. As I went out to take some pics a few more Turkey and Black vultures took to flight. To encourage and nurture my little one's love of birds I quickly popped the Vulture on the PC and showed her the pics!

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RuthieJ said...

Very cool that your 3-year-old recognizes a vulture already. Good job training her, Owlman!