Beaut of a Blue Jay

I was watching a Blue Jay munch on some peanuts while making a cup of coffee and I was taken aback by how colorful the birds was. Blue Jays literally look like someone had too much blue and sprayed the bird with shades all over its body. I often think we overlook the magnificence of birds merely because they are so common. What birds in your area fall into that category?

It is funny because I still remember the time I saw my first Blue Jay. We had just arrived in the States and we were living in a condo complex. It was a snowy day and I needed to take the dog for a walk. When I walked outside I marveled at how quiet it was out. Suddenly the air pierced with a raucous sound and I saw an amazingly colorful blue bird fly across the white snow - bingo my first Blue Jay! It's strange because when you're a birder you use birds to mark moments in time, much like many people do with songs. When you hear a song on the radio it takes you back to a moment in time. Blue Jays take me back to that first winter when I made the long trip across the pond. If you have stories of moments in time marked by a bird I would love to hear them. If not, what birds do you think are overlooked?

Have a great weekend and welcome to an unofficial winter!

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RuthieJ said...

I love blue jays! My mission in life is to change people's thinking about this sometimes unpopular and misunderstood bird.