The birding soundtrack to our life

Is there a song that reminds you about your first kiss or your best summer ever? Do you hear a song on the radio and it takes you to another place? I would say that most of us have that experience on a fairly regular basis.

Can birds create a soundtrack to our lives? Often times when I hear a Blue Jay I have an extrasensory experience that takes me back to my first winter in the States. I can feel the wind on my face; hear the crunch of snow beneath my boots and the bubbling excitement of seeing a beautiful new bird.

I have a similar experience each time I see a Barn Owl and I'm taken back to a defining snippet in time when a Barn Owl circled me twice on a little farm in Rustenburg, South Africa. That was the moment when the birding bug bit me. The Barn Owl will forever have a special place in my memory and on my birding timeline. Do you remember ‘that’ bird that started your obsession with birds? Do remember what you were doing and what it felt like? Does that bird still have that affect on you?

I would love to hear from fellow birders who have similar experiences when they see or hear a bird and it takes them back to a specific moment in time. In a sense, birds become the soundtrack to our life. All I can say is enjoy the music and the memories.


Lynne said...

The first time I heard a veery was at out place in northern Minnesota-named Hasty Brook. I had no idea it was even a bird, it was such a strange sound. It reminded me of a giggle stick (child's toy). Hearing that bird prompted me to buy my first cd of bird calls. I slowly went through that cd until I found that sound. We've heard it up at Hasty Brook every summer since and I've even been lucky enough to see a veery or two.

(btw- Minnesota won on Monday night- in cas you missed the game)

Owlman said...

Great story Lynne! I like the description of the call as a giggle stick - that's spot on.

Shoewee that was an ugly win against the Bears, but I guess they all count. BTW, did you check out my season's wishes post? I hope you enjoy the Packers Christmas decoration. I'm ordering one for a great friend who suports the Bears (shame) - you want one? ;-)

Lynne said...

Do I want a Packers ornament?

Let me think a bit...