First Shoveler of the season

Well it finally happened! I had to whip out the old snow shovel and push all the slush around my driveway. All I could imagine while doing it was adding some form of alcohol to the slush and whipping up some exotic frozen cocktail with a little umbrella.

I'm soooo often envious of the folks in MN with all the bird life out there, especially owls...but then winter rolls around and I think about all the snow. Don't get me wrong I love snow, but I hate shoveling especially all the ice. I'm hoping for nice fluffy snow this weekend so I can roll out my bad ass snow blower. Mr. Winter bring it on!


Clive's World said...

How much snow did you get? I haven't had to shovel yet -- thanks to a service that does it for me!! No more snow lately in MN, but dang it's been cold. Clive got cold feet this morning and had to cut it short.

Owlman said...

Ah so that's how the people in MN survive - get someone else to do the dirty work for ya. We only had 2-3 inches and most of it was ice, so I had to get it off the driveway. I hear they measure snow in feet in MN.....we're little sissies over here ;-)

We're actually getting a 'wintery mix' at the moment although they're calling for rain later tomorrow with high's in the 40's so that should take care of the ice. I say bring on the real snow already!