Owl box camera: Hawkeye Spycam

I guess in all my excitement I failed to mention the details of the new owl cam. I looked around at bird cams and several resourceful folks have put together their own bird house cams. I looked at the specs on the Barred Owl cam as well as at Chris' Eastern Screech Owl cam. Both of these seemed great, although it required a lot of wiring and TIME. Time is something of a rare luxury with two little monkees in the house, so I wanted something that was easier to put together. I came across some bird cams at birhousespycam.com. The neat thing about these cameras is that they are self contained and in a sense they are just plug and play.

Initially I was looking at the black and white camera (Night owl). When I contacted the folks at birdhousespycam they mentioned that they were coming out with a new camera, the Hawkeye which has a few improvements over the older night owl - it is a color camera during the day and it can be mounted outdoors. Both of these features made me wait until the beginning of December when the new camera was launched. I am hoping that setup will be quick and easy barring the couple of holes that need to be drilled in the house.....ouch! I'll keep you posted on my developments. By the way if you have a camera setup I would LOVE to hear from you.

By the way, Jim Wright at Birds, Bats and Beyond has the Night Owl and he seems to be very happy with it and according to him setup was pretty painless.

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