Survey Results: How often do you bird with your partner?

Well the survey is closed and I'd like to thank everyone who cast a vote. I was really interested to see how many people were lucky enough to have their significant other go birding with them. I am fortunate that my wife supports my hobby, although she is not a fanatic like I am. One of my fondest birding memories was 2 weeks spent travelling with my wife (then girlfriend) throughout Zimbabwe literally soaking in all the wildlife that abounds in that country.

Anyway, here are the results of the survey:

How often do you bird with your partner?
Often: 4 (28%)
Once in a while: 3 (21%)
Never: 6 (42%)
I plead the fifth: 1 (7%)

The vote was very close with the person pleading the fifth breaking the deadlock. The partner birders beat out the non-partner birders by a vote of 7 to 6. For all you birders out there spending time admiring our feathered friends with your significant others ENJOY!

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