Ughs the Barn Owl

A friend of mine sent me a pic that was taken of a Barn Owl that was rehabilitated at the school I went to in SA. Treverton has a very strong focus on environmental studies and students had a lot of hands on experience with wild animals. The school is located in the heart of the Natal midlands which is an absolute magnet for birds. We had Barn Owl, Grass Owl, Marsh Owl, Spotted Eagle Owl and Wood Owl all located on the farm.
As you can imagine I had a great time growing up in an environment like this. I even had the privilege of rehabilitating a Spotted Eagle Owl. Maybe I will dig up a pic sometime and scan it..

BTW, the Barn Owl was christened Ughs because we thought he was soo ugly. Luckily he grew into a handsome adult. Actually looking at the pics of us as kids I think we had VERY little room to pass judgment on the poor little owl. I won't put you through the horror of looking at my pictures as a goofy kid!


RuthieJ said...

What a cute little owl!

Dave said...

I'm curious of what he thought of all the folks taking care of him. :)

Michael said...

love the pic, that brings back memories ... do you remember "boneapart" the black shouldered kite? :-)