Welcome to my garden: Pileated Woodpecker

I have seen a couple of Pileated Woodpeckers, but mostly very briefly and often times they were flying over me. This morning I was out filling my bird bath when I heard a loud tapping. When I listened a little closer I heard that the tapping was extremely loud. I thought to myself this Red Bellied must be having a really bad day. I walked over to the sound and realized that the sound was coming from my neighbors garden. I looked across at the Pine Tree and noticed something BIG tapping on some dead branches. Inching closer I noticed that distinct red head.....wow a Pileated Woodpecker - my heart stopped! I rushed back inside and grabbed my camera. Luckily the pecker was eagerly chipping away at the bark and in fact he didn't even notice when trudging through the dead leaves. Eventually he got bored and took off landing in a tree right next to me (actually this is the same tree that the vulture was roosting in).

With my heart racing and my hands shaking I managed to take a few quick snaps before my new garden arrival took off for good. WOW - what an amazingly spectacular bird. The red head, black body and that distinctive flight pattern. Mr. P welcome to my garden, I hope to see you soon!