Blogging about blogging

Ok, so a little knowledge is dangerous. When I created this blog I messed around with the template and tried to get it to look the way I wanted it to. I then managed to forget that I screwed around with the template and for some unknown reason I changed the font color to white before publishing. This doesn't seem to be an issue when you use iGoogle to read the blog or if you view it using IE. If you subscribe using an RSS reader the text doesn't show up -DUH. So now I have to go through and remove the white formatting color by manually removing the color code from the HTML. I have changed several of the posts and I apologize if you are getting repeats through your reader. I would love to reformat all the posts, but I have to go pack the car now. Catch you when I get back!

Vultures roosting

My 3 year old shouted excited when she looked out the kitchen window - "Look daddy a vulture!" I looked out and sure enough there was a Turkey vulture roosting in one of our trees. I looked around and found another one a couple of trees over. Turkey vultures are common in NJ, but this sighting was exciting for two reasons: a) this is the first time I have had a vulture roosting in my garden and b) I may have a little birder developing in the house. As I went out to take some pics a few more Turkey and Black vultures took to flight. To encourage and nurture my little one's love of birds I quickly popped the Vulture on the PC and showed her the pics!


Off to Vermont

Off to Vermont tomorrow until Sunday. I hope to do some birding and skiing, yippeee. My batteries are flat and this will be a well deserved break. Here's to good weather and great birding!

By the way, thanks to all of you who have completed the online poll - so far we have 6 votes so please get clicking. Also thanks to the folks who have completed their online birding profile. It is really interesting to see how diverse all the profiles are.

Take care and be safe. I'll check in when I get back. I am leaving my laptop and work behind me when I load up the wagon tomorrow afternoon. To quote the governator: Asta la vista baby!

Birding tools

The holiday season is upon us and you may be looking for a new tool for you ro another loved one. Here are some of the latest innovative technologies that you can combine with your binoculars, spotting scope, camera and field guide. By the way, I am just providing the info I am not getting any kick backs nor do I personally endorse any of these products.

Software:Bird ID & Tracking
National Geographic Birds Handheld PDA & Software An all-in-one device that you will carry in the field - smaller than a bird book - and have access to everything a bird book would give you and much more. Pictures, songs, and identification helps. You can keep track of what you see in the field and load it onto your PC when you get home. Includes a Palm Tungsten E2+256 MB SD card and the National Geographic software.

Thayer's Birds of North America CD-ROM This is version 3.9 and is the latest version of Thayer's Birds of North America CD-ROM, released July 31, 2007. It was created in collaboration with the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

AviSysBird AviSysBird listing software for PCs. You can record your bird sightings easily and very fast. You get beautiful printed pages showing your life lists.

Bird Song CDsLots of different options


Bird feeder camera Capture great bird photos without disturbing your birds or their environment with the NovaBird Backyard Bird Natural Green Camera. Designed specifically for backyard birders, this automatic 3.0 mega pixel digital camera finally enables you to capture those once difficult to obtain, close-up images of your favorite feathered friends.

Bird house camera Record your backyard wildlife in real time either during the day or at night.

Bird ID Identiflyer

Player Identiflyer Player with two cardsListen to each bird song by pushing a button next its picture. A great way to learn birds' songs.

iFlyer BirdSong Wand It's really simple. You press a button and scan a barcode, and iFlyer plays a high-quality digital recording of a bird's song. The "ScanCodes" are printed in a pocket-sized "ScanBook" (54 pages) which includes gorgeous bird illustrations along with mnemonic cues to help you remember the songs.


Internet Exploder V6.11

Forget calling it Internet Explorer. My version of IE is clearly Internet Exploder. I can't get anything done today without it hanging...... I just had to share that with someone! I guess this holiday season I will be spending a significant amount of time reloading my laptop to sort out all the bugs - lucky me!

eBird Google Gadget

Wow, the world of birding is finally hitting the cyberspace in a big way. eBird has just launched a Google Gadget that sends rare bird alert sighting info directly to your iGoogle homepage. Ok, so a few of you just experienced vertigo when I mentioned the words gadget and iGoogle - don't worry adding this new gadget to your homepage is easy and safe!

To find out more info about the eBird Gadget such as:
  • What the heck is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I get it?
  • How do I participate?
Simply click on the link below

I was thinking maybe I need to share some of the 'new' birding technology over the next couple of weeks. Do you use anything that I should be aware of to watch birds, attract birds, record birds etc?

Two blog posts that come to mind are both by Patrick at the Hawk Owl Nest. One is on the Wingscapes Bird Cam and the other is audio software that Patrick used to manipulate bird calls.

If you've used the internet, hardware or software to enhance your birding experience let me know. I have downloaded eBird and I am hoping to get tons of info from it.

By the way, eBird also has a Google maps sections that "not only shows you where eBird birding hotspots and your personal locations are found on the map, but it also allows you to select these for data entry directly from the map!"
** Final thought - Has any contributed or used eBird? What has your experience been? How does this tool compare to other listserv/email distribution tools?