African bird series

I have been thinking about writing a couple of posts about the birds I was fortunate enough to see in South Africa. I haven't been back for over 7 years now and this will be a nice way to remember some of the cooler things I saw there. Would anyone be interested? I'll probably do it anyway, but I thought I would see if there are any voters either yip or nope.
Most people haven't been lucky enough to head out to Africa and this way you get to read some short snippets on cool birds from the comfort of your living room. BTW, I haven't come across many Southern African bird blogs, so if you find any please share them with me.


beth said...

Yes, please do upload your African bird photos. I was in Tanzania in June of last year and seeing your photos would be a nice return to that amazing continent (I want to go back so badly!

Sandpiper said...

Stunning shot of our Bald Eagle's cousin! Such a beautiful Fish Eagle.

Owlman said...

Yeah, this is the ultimate shot of the Fish Eagle. I know they get them to come in with baited fish in several areas. I was on Lake Kariba in '98 and saw so many of them, although none obliged by coming in like this one.

Hope to see you back soon Beth.