Hurry up and wait Mr. Impatient

Maggie from the Hungry Owl Project just left a very encouraging comment on my Owl box update post. Maggie commented:

"Regarding your comment about the owl being in the box and then not being in the box...sometimes male screech owls will have multiple roosts...so it may still be in the area. We find this with Barn Owls as well. We have a Barn Owl cam at http://www.hungryowl.org/barnowlcam.html and recently the box was empty for weeks, then all of a sudden two owls appeared, but then they left for a few days and today they are back!"

I've heard similar comments from owl experts and it is encouraging to hear it from the folks at hungry owl. The fact is that I am just VERY impatient and I want an owl SOOOOO much! Since my childhood I have always wanted to have an owl nesting in my yard and now that I've actually seen a Screech owl in my owl box my excitement level is at a peak. Each morning I switch the TV over to the owlcam and I see an empty box. What I keep thinking about is the day that I turn that bad boy on and I see an owl!!

Thanks for the message of encouragement Maggie I am hoping for the best. We still have two months before the onset of the nesting season so there is still plenty of time. I am confident that I have done my homework and that the box is in the best location with all of the necessary safety precautions in place as well as some additional bells and whistles. Now all we need is an owl - stay tuned!

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