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Pictures say a thousand words and these pictures from the Seattle PI really do that. Packers win 42-20 against a spirited Seahawks. Bear in mind this is the most snow that Brett Favre has ever played in! After the shock defeat of the Cowboys the Packers now face Big Blue at Lambeau field for the NFC championship. To say I'm excited would be the understatement of the year - GO PACKERS!

I'd love to hear from you if you watched the game and you're not a regular football fan. Are you getting caught up in the fairytale ending of Favre's career?


Lynne said...

Since my Vikings aren't in it any more, I'll root for the Pack. That was such a fun game to watch. It was a blast to watch them play in that weather, kind of like the old days before indoor stadiums. I can't help but pull for Favre- he seems to be a team guy without any nasty scandals.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lynne. No Vikings? Go Packers!! What a game. It reminded me, also, of the winters in the old Met. With Bud Grant standing there on the sidelines. Snow on hs baseball cap and steam coming out of the players' mouths. Those were the days. Players actually got dirt on their uniforms.

RuthieJ said...

Hey Owlman, I watched it! Woo-Hoo! Go Pack Go!

I wore my Packers jacket and earrings to work yesterday and heard some guys muttering about how "they're coming out of the woodwork now" after walking past me (probably some disgruntled Vikings fan!)

I can't wait till next week although I wonder how the cold's going to affect them. Should be a good game!

Owlman said...

I took a bet with a few of the Giants fans down at the fire house last night, so the Pack betta win! Don’t worry, the bet was only for $20, so even if I lose I’ll be ok financially. RuthieJ the cold weather may be to the advantage of the Packers as they are more used to the cold weather in Green Bay, although with the Giants being from a reasonably cold place it may turn out to be a wash. Eli hasn't played well in the cold this year so we can only hope that this continues. One of my friends was joking that they should stick Eli in a freezer for the rest of the week with a football so he can get used to the cold…..

It should be a good matchup. The Giants defensive looked impressive against the Cowboys, but then again so did the Seahawks in the wildcard game. I was pretty worried that the Seahawks would sack Favre, but our offensive line was amazing and they never got near him. I guess only time will tell!

By the way how about the game that Ryan Grant had? Two fumbles which led to touchdowns by the Seahawks, followed by over 200 yards and 3 TD’s. That really showed the spirit of this young football team. The asked the coach (McCarthy) if he was ready to pull Grant at any stage and he said ‘absolutely not’. Good job sticking with your young guys Mike.

Anonymous great memories. Lambeau field and the Packers team is a throwback to the pre-professional era in many ways. The team is owned by the town (no other team in the NFL is owned by a town) and the benches at Lambeau are still made of wood. I think a lot of the identity of the people is translated to the players who come across as very modest, down to earth and hard working. Much of this is also a reflection of their leader (Favre) who still drives and old pick up. A reporter asked him why he doesn’t buy himself a new top of the line pick up and he looked perplexed – ‘Why would I do that when this one runs just fine’. With all the overblown super egos around the NFL, Green Bay is a breath of fresh air!

Birdfreak said...

We've got a few Packer fans here on the Birdfreak Team and it was a great time!

Good birding to you!