Pack train slams on the breaks

I'm sad today. I invested a whole lot of time and energy into an NFL season that blew up yesterday. Worst off all I watched it blow up surrounded by cheering Giants fans. Yip, I walked into the lion den hoping to be the last man standing-damn it hurts! So close yet soooooo far. Favre had an awesome season and then caps it off with an overtime interception leading to a 47 yard winning field goal for the Giants. Oh how cruel the sporting world is!
I'm now left in a situation where I'm a football fan without a team for the Superbowl. My back-up team (The Steelers) are not in the Superbowl and I am left with the Giants or the Pats. Maybe by the time the Superbowl rolls around I'll be able to stomach supporting Big Blue. Until then, I sulk in pain!

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Lynne said...

Sorry Owlman, I feel your pain. I was thinking of you while watching the game. I was convinced the Pack was going to win it.