Building a new nest

Working for a small business is awesome! Being a 'stay at home working dad' is even more incredible. For one thing there is no need to get dressed for the office, just flip on the PC and start working, but this pales in comparison to seeing your kids grow up in front of you on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have my daughter with me from 3 months (when mommy went back to work) until she started pre-school at 2 and 1/2. I am hoping to spend the same quality time with my little man...

Recently I bought the business that I had been working for which is great, except that I needed to move my office to my basement. Enter the second part of my title 'dad'. I am the one who looks after my little son, who is currently a very mobile one year old. This means that there is NO way I can let him run around in a basement that is not properly set up. This is the main reason why I haven't been blogging, in fact is it the main reason why I haven't even turned on a PC for much of the last 10 days. Last Sunday a buddy and I started part 1 of the basement construction project. Hopefully you enjoy the pics, trust me the spackling and sanding was NOT a lot of fun. Having said that the final product looks excellent and I have my PC's back up and running, although there is still a lot of spackle dust in the air....

Part 2 will involve closing off the second half of the basement and that should start within the next couple of weeks - stay tuned! This is the first time that I have attempted something like this and I am VERY pleased that I managed to pull it off in record breaking time. Having a nice office for me and the little monkee is awesome.

Move that $^&%$%^&$$%&&*(((%%##@@!! heavy couch, who me?

Framing in the utilities

Spackling-Arrrggh. Door look awesome though

Painted and moving in

Part 1 complete

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