Confuzzled: Fashion & Phones

We live in a fast paced complicated world so I figured I would share some things that confuse me with you and maybe you have some answers for me.

Tonight I was flipping through channels and I came across a fashion show. Turns out they had amazing young ladies walking down the runway and all them looked VERY, VERY unhappy almost to the point of being lifeless. So tell me, why would you get some of the most beautiful women in the world and then put makeup on them that makes them look terrible and order them not to have any facial expressions whatsoever-I'm confuzzled!

Next thing that confuzzles me-when you call just about any company the system asks you to enter your phone number/account number and then the first thing that the human asks you is that number. The weirdest thing is that they DON'T have the number because they regularly ask you to repeat the number while they're typing....so, wassup with that?

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Patrick Belardo said...

I've never understood either of these either. I was just remarking to my fiancee about the runway model thing the other day. And I've worked on small, cheap systems before where the # does pop up for the cust. service rep, so I don't understand why big companies like cable companies, etc. don't have the same capability.