If birds were people.....

I read a blog last week where I blogger referred to the Red bellied woodpecker as the rock star of the birding world. Hey, let’s face it these guys are sporting red mullets with a ‘coat’ that would make Elton John envious. This got me thinking about what other birds would be if they were people. Some of them are a little abstract so see if you can get them. Can you think of any other connections? Do you agree with my representations?

American crow: American idol drop out
Bald Eagle: President of the USA
Black-capped Chickadee: Special events co-ordinator
Black vulture: Assistant undertaker
Blue bird: Super model
Blue Jay: Practical joker
Cardinal: Super model
Carolina Wren: Recording artist [American idol winner season 1]
European Starling: Criminal [Theft, breaking and entering, Assault]
Golden Eagle: Air Force General
Great Horned Owl: Legal council
Long Eared Owl: Night club bouncer
Loon: Recording artist [American idol winner season 2]
Mockingbird: Comedian [Impersonator]
Nothern Mockingbird: Politician
Peregrine Falcon: Fighter pilot
Pileated Woodpecker: Artillery specialist [50 caliber]
Red bellied woodpecker: Rock star
Red breasted Nuthatch: Stuntman (stunt person?)
Ruby throated hummingbird: Athlete [Sprinter]
Snowy egret: Fashion designer
Tree Swallow: Acrobat
Turkey vulture: Undertaker
Yellow billed cuckoo: Con artist

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