Owl box: Open house


This wonderful home is located in NW New Jersey only a short flight away from a small meandering creek. The box is located on just over 1 acre of land that features bird feeders providing more than adequate hunting opportunities. The property backs onto a large farm which offers tree cover on the edge of large grass tracts.

The owl box is well maintained and features state of the art flashing security above and below the box. In addition, the landlord has installed a state of the art monitoring system that alerts him of any unwanted intruders such as squirrels. The landlord has over three years of experiencing dealing with squirrel evictions.

Recent upgrades to the box include an internal perch as well as a fledgling perch that will be installed prior to the owlets leaving the box. All interested parties please contact Owlman at 1 800-SCREECH-OWL. The sellers described himself as HIGHLY MOTIVATED.


Larry said...

Hey Owlman,

What size is your "Owl Box"? What size is the opening and the floor?

Mine has a 9 1/4" x 8" floor, it's 16" deep and has a 3" entrance hole.

You might want to try a baffle around the tree, above and below the box if it's accessible from top and bottom by the squirrels. I cut baffles out of sheet metal and fit them to the trees that have boxes mounted on them on my property. So far (fingers crossed) they have kept out the non-bird critters!

Owlman said...

Hey Larry,

Have you had success with your box? I'd love to see photos of the baffle do you have any up on your blog? Have you thought about investing in an owl cam?

I'll check the dimensions and post those in a bit. Thanks for stopping in. Hopefully we can share Screech owl stories this Spring!

Owlman said...

Hey Larry,

My owl box dimensions match yours pretty closely. The bottom of the entry hole is just over 12 feet off the ground. The entrance hole is 3”. The floor is 8” x 8” and the box is 15” deep. The new roof is 21” by 15 ½”.

My latest post has pictures of the upgraded owl box.