Owl fever

Now you know why owls are SOOOO hard to find

Never mind spring fever I have MAJOR owl fever at the moment. Don't get me wrong much of my time is spent thinking about owls, checking my owl cam and looking at stick nests wondering if there's a hidden GHO (while zipping by at 80 mph..). What's surprising to even me, is the fact that at the moment it is even worse than normal - which is pretty bad ;-) To make matters worse I got a tip today on Short eared owl as well as Saw whet. The location is only about 45 minutes away from me. Given my current hectic schedule I will only be able to check the location out next weekend. How the heck am I going to wait til then? Any ideas on how I can distract myself.

Monarch's post on owls, especially the awesome Short eared's hasn't helped.... Well next weekend is slowing coming.... Ok, let see if small talsk helps: How about that approaching snow storm tomorrow. Apparently we are getting up to 3 inches - wow! Nope, that didn't help! I need you people. IdEaS?


MNGirlyGirl said...

Your time will come. Can't wait to see your pictures.

mon@rch said...

thanks for your kind words and the link! I sure hope you get out and see some Short-eared Owls and Saw-whets!