Owl prowl: Brrrrding for sure

I took tomorrow off and I am planning to retrace my steps from my last owl prowl, to see if I can get Short eared owl (SEO) as well as Saw whet. I have leads on both of these owls in the same area as I was before. I haven't had any luck with Great horned owl (GHO) and I don't know of anybody who has. I'd REALLY like to get some decent shots of GHO... Hopefully the LEOs are still around and I can snap a few more pics of them.
Anyway, the plan is to get up and out EARLY, so I can catch the SEO as the sun rises. Normally the SEO battle it out with the Harriers as dawn and dusk, so this should be a lot of fun. As Murphy would have it, it appears that tomorrow is going to be VERY chilly so this will make life interesting at best. I have a nice video cam, but I'm not sure whether I should expose it to the cold.....

Well wish me luck tomorrow!


Jochen said...

How about wishing you a Spotted Owl?
I wouldn't mind you seeing one.

thepowerguides said...

Murphy's law applies to all things ranging from animals needing vet during weekend hours to pipes bursting on out of hours times when call out is most expensive

Steve From
The Power Bird Watchers Guide

Owlman said...

Thanks a lot Jochen - I'd love to see one of those some day!
Steve> Too true. It was bitterly cold on Thursday, but the Short eared owls made it worth the effort! BTW, thanks for including my blog in your site!