Spring and Brett Favre

Two questions are mulling around in my head at the moment. Firstly, when the heck is Spring making its grand appearance already and why would it take Brett Favre so long to announce that he's coming back to the NFL for another season? Come on Brett you had an amazing season in 2007 and nearly led the Packers to the Superbowl. The two amazing aspects of this are that you're one of the oldest quarterbacks in the league leading one of the youngest teams. Honestly this is a no brainer man.
Prior to the playoffs beginning, Brett's daughters even took him out to lunch to convince him to keep playing. Ok so the family is on board, you still have the skills and the fans love to watch you play come - what's to think about? Brett, get on the phone and call Mike McCarthy (GB coach) and tell him you're coming back. Then take a step outside and kick old man winter in the .... butt and tell him to move along. His time has come and gone and we're all tired of snotty noses and weezing coughs. Enough is enough and he needs to know that it's time to go already! Who better to tell him than the toughest guy in the NFL!

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