Zick dough or crack?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or you’ve been north of Siberia (is there anything north of Siberia??) for the last month, you should know that Zick dough is the rage amongst the birding community. I decided to jump onto the bandwagon this weekend and I cooked up a batch. Well it turns out that this stuff should have been called Zick crack or coke. It took a little while, but the birds have found most of the sources of Zick dough and they are literally fighting over the stuff! Isn't dough slang for money i.e. dough=drugs...hmmm. Unfortunately the only dough that is untouched, is the stash on my new platform feeder that I built this weekend with some left over two by fours.....typical! Anyway, if you haven't cooked up a batch of dough I can HIGHLY recommend it!
Well done Julie, maybe you should have copyrighted the recipe ;-)


Michael said...

peanut butter and lard? ... you gonna give those birds a coronary! hmmm, maybe i should try that over on this side of the Atlantic ... someone has to do something about the magpies :-P

Julie Zickefoose said...

Delighted to hear it's such a hit, Owlman! I can't claim anything about the recipe but a little credit for popularizing it in the blogging community. It was given to me by Carrie Griffis, who lives in the Pacific NW. She had a male pileated woodpecker taking it out of her hand. Yes. And turning around and feeding it to his babies on the deck railing. That's what first got my attention some years ago, and I thought, Well, this must be some stuff! And it is.
Julie Zickefoose

Owlman said...

Mike give it a shot bud! I think Zick dough will go over well on your side of the Atlantic. You may want to add some Guinness to it though ;-)

Julie, wow Pileated eating from your hand! I guess I have something to aim for now. I've only seen Pileated once in my garden, but maybe word of the Zick dough will spread.. BTW, I love your art - you're super talented!

ocean and forest walks said...

I am gonna try this recipe too...we have a lot of Pileateds here but not eating out of my hand!!!...cheers, ta for the receipe

Owlman said...

Ocean and forest walks> Do your Pileated's eat suet? I've heard from a few lucky people that they have Pileated Woodpecker eating at their feeders. They are pretty uncommon in this area so I doubt I'll be able to attract them. Having said that, my common garden birds are tucking into the Zick dough and my new platform feeder has already become pretty popular. Good luck with the woodpeckers and let me know if you have any luck. BTW, I love the owl pictures on your blog.