AMAZING photos of Africa

It's tough to find good photos from Africa and more specifically from South Africa. I wish I had a digital camera when I lived in SA... Anyway, I came across a blog that has some awesome shots from Southern Africa with many having been taken in SA. I keep thinking that if I ever go back, I'll have enough blogging material for several years ;-)

Check out ken Hall's amazing pics at http://kenhalls.blogspot.com/


crazyforcinema said...

Beautiful Fish Eagle! We saw a number of them in Tanzania last year. However, we were never close enough for my 400mm zoom to grab a photo like that. I loved Africa.

Beth in NYC

Sandpiper said...

Gorgeous, fluffy Fish Eagle. I watched them soaring in South Africa and they are so beautiful.

Owlman said...

It would be tough for me to pic a top 10 of birds, but I would put Fish Eagles in there. Thanks for stopping by Sanpiper and Beth. Beth these guys are tough to get decent shots of and this is definitely one of the nicest ones I've seen.