Cowbird of Spring?

I had a massive flock of Red winged blackbirds, Grackles and even a couple of Cowbirds in my garden this week. The new platform feeder was swamped with birds and it was awesome to see. Have a great birding weekend. If you haven't cast a vote in the IBWO poll please visit my blog and do so.


Mel said...

That IS massive!
We never get more than 3 or 4 at a time (mostly 1 or 2)
Spriiing :)

thepowerguides said...

I have never tried a platform feeder must give it a go this year sometime will be interesting to see the difference in birds


Owlman said...

Steve, I'm eager to see what the platform feeder does to attract spring and summer birds. The feeder is 3’x3’ so it's hard to miss from the air....The way I see it the platform is a billboard and I'm using it to advertise my attractive garden. I’m hoping to attract orioles this year and I already have oranges on the platform feeder although I doubt they’re around here this early. The new platform definitely increased my bird numbers in winter after I put it up, so we'll see what happens in spring and summer.