IBWO Poll results

This month's poll reached record setting participation levels with 34 people chiming in on the status of the IBWO. I wanted to leave the poll choices as open ended as possible and I did get some constructive feedback from one survey taker stating that two of the options were not exclusive i.e. ‘evidence leaves me undecided’ and ‘is extinct in my opinion’ overlap in their interpretation of the actual question. In the survey taker's opinion you could feel that the evidence is inconclusive and therefore the IBWO is extinct. Point well taken Mr/Mrs Anonymous. I was trying to do an open ended question with a multiple choice survey which is tough, if not impossible to do. Thanks again to all of you who not only voted, but also shared your thoughts on the status of the IBWO. Without more fuzz and ceremony, here are the results.
Still exists in my opinion - 14 (41%)
Evidence leaves me undecided 12 (35%)
Is extinct in my opinion 8 (24%)
Is uninteresting to me 0 (0%)
Total votes: 34
The poll wasn't a runaway for either the believers or non believers. The folks who feel that the IBWO still exists managed to garner 14 votes, while the undecided’s got 12 votes. I actually thought that the undecided’s would be in the majority in the end but all you romantics came out of the wood work and put the half full people over the top! You half empty skeptics cast 8 votes stating that the IBWO was in fact extinct in your opinion.

I must admit that was a major learning curve for me. When I started the poll I really didn’t know much about the IBWO and this gave me an opportunity to do more research and to look into the evidence. I tried to show both sides of the argument during the month and I ended up going from feeling strongly that it still existed to feeling a lot more skeptical about the evidence. Having said that I still feel that there is a shot that the IBWO still lives.

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