News Alert: Brett Favre calls it a career

There is sooooo much being written about Brett that I figured I would post a few videos that exemplify the legend. Even if you're not a sports fan I think you'll still see why fans love this guy so much.


Patrick Belardo said...

I'm not a huge football fan, but Brett gets my respect without a doubt. He seems like a top-notch guy and has always represented the sport well.

Owlman said...

Yeah, he really was one of a kind! Patrick, I hope you're going to take a stab at my limited ID bird quiz http://owlbox.blogspot.com/2008/03/limited-bird-id-quiz.html

You're really good, so it should be ez for ya.

The People History said...

you can imagine how they are taking it here in Wisconsin

Takes a great MAN to quit at the top and he will be missed by the packers

PS have put you on our new map but not sure if in correct place

The Power Guides

lisa said...

Hi! I "flew in" from Friday Ark, and as a Wisconsin resident I can report there is much sadness and mourning up here! But hey, what'cha gonna do...he had a great run.