Noddy badge: The winners!

I'll do anything to get people to interact with me on my blog, so I keep thinking of new hair brained schemes to draw in the crowds. Ok, so going by my Nature blog network ranking maybe not crowds.... Anyway, the Limited ID Bird Quiz feature is doing very well and I wanted to reward the winners. Initially I couldn't think of any ideas and then it struck me -eureka. How about a modified noddy badge, this time for a mature birding audience? Surely everyone in the birding community will scramble to proudly display their winning noddy badge.

I'd like to congratulate both Patrick and Mike for winning the first and second rounds of the Limited Bird ID quiz. I hope you guys will display the Noddy badge proudly on your site. Hopefully I will get my butt in gear and get another round up soon. Until then, I'm sure all of you are envious about Patrick and Mike's amazing achievement!


Patrick Belardo said...

COOL! Thanks! I'll get to it ASAP.

dguzman said...

So jealous...

Incredible photos shared by the Flickr community group - Owls of North America. Click on the play button to begin the slideshow - ENJOY!