Owl box: When no news is bad news

I fire up the owl cam several times a day with pretty much the same result - a vacant owl box lined with wood shavings. I guess the owl that was in the box in November has moved on and at the moment this nesting season looks like a bust. I have been tracking other owl boxes online and most of them have some activity going on at the moment. I’m obviously disappointed, but actually I'm more surprised at my lack of success. I've obviously had owls in the garden and I know my owl box is in a good spot..... I guess it's just the luck of draw in the end.

If anything changes I'll keep you posted!


Elaine Rimbach said...

I sympathize with your disappointment. Not to sound maudlin, but it is kind of a downer when you keep hoping and looking and nobody's ever there.
Keep the faith, though; it'll happen one of these days.

Amy said...

Hang in there. Owls are bound to use your nest box in time. You never know with birds!

flowerpot said...

i agree i,m sure the owls will pop in when hey are ready.. we have doves nesting in a tree by the front door..2 lovely baby doves.. and last year we had blackbirds nesting in our holly bush.they squeezed in and out to feed the babies without flinching ..
thats devotion to duty for you..
i was on guard duty..

Owlman said...

I'm ever hopeful that I will get owls in 2009. At least I know they've been here, it's just a case of getting them to nest. Thanks for popping in ALL.