Survey live: The hoo in taboo

The hoo in taboo survey is now live on my blog, so please pop in and cast your vote. Voting has increased with each survey and I am hoping to get another great turnout for this one.

For background on this poll please click here.

Hoping you're having a great Monday and that you had an awesome birding weekend. I was stuck in my basement spackling walls, which wasn't a lot of fun!

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brucesc said...

dywdkodThere weren't enough choices on the who to tell about an owl one finds. One choice should be tell just a couple of your best birding buddies. Another should be tell someone who is studying this topic in your local or state group.
I read your whole blog in a S'frican eksent--LOL...sounds great! It's my favorite accent in the English language. SA has been one of my favorite places until recently--not sure it's safe to travel there now. But I need only 15 more to reach 500 species in southern Africa, so I'm still planning to go again some day. If you need a bush fix check out the virtual safaris on my website: www.toogoodoostudios.com
I'm linking Owlbox on my blog too.