April fools: Favre coming back

There were reports circulating that the ultimate gun slinger was returning to the NFL but they have been proven to be mere fabrications. It seems that a couple of reporters (idiots) in LA got a bee in their bonnet that Favre's rep was checking around the league to see if anyone would trade for him. Honestly people, what the heck are you guys smoking… So your story is that not only is Favre coming back, but he's going to another team after playing 99.9% of his incredible career with the Packers......
I love Favre and I wish he played another season, but he'd be a massive moron if he came out of retirement, especially after only 20 odd days and then took up with another NFL team. Clearly these reporters don't give the guy much credit.
Now do us all a favor and leave #4 alone - he's paid his dues to the NFL community. All Favre wants to do is relax and spend time with his family. Isn't there a Tony Romo story brewing somewhere? Clearly this year's April fool is the LA Times reporter who broke this 'non story'. Congrats there Sam Farmer!

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