Birding Bucks County

So the Bucks County birding started at the Audubon Society’s building in Bucks on a very foggy morning and ended at Peace Valley Nature Center. Along the way we saw some tremendous birds including spring warblers (Palm, Yellow rumped, Pine) ; Mute swan; Double Crested Cormorant; Kinglets; Hawks (Red tailed, Cooper, Sharp shinned, Red shouldered-maybe); American Kestrel; Pileated woodpecker; Osprey; Bald eagle and more. The day started foggy and it remained pretty overcast and gray which made bird ID’ing very tricky. Much of the early morning birds were identified purely based on shape not color.

Although the day was awesome I didn’t have any lifers and my photos are washed out. Having said that I would rate the day as a roaring success as it was awesome being out with people who love to socialize and bird. We had a newbie on the trip and he had a grin on his face like the cat the swallowed the canary. I made eye contact with him and he said ‘Man it’s nice being out with a whole bunch of bird geeks’. I’ve never really thought of myself as a bird geek, but I have to agree with him that it is nice hanging out with fellow birders.
How was your birding weekend?
BTW, I managed to come across a LEO roost and some great spots for Saw Whet in Bucks County so I’ll be back to check it out in winter.


Eve said...

Hey owlman,
Glad to hear you had a great trip! I missed my first trip of the season to Montezuma State Park http://www.stateparks.com/montezuma.html.I haven't even heard how well it went!!! I REALLY miss my bird geek buddies!!!!
Glad you had a good time and it's so fun having new "blood"!

Mel said...

Sounds like a great trip! Cool pictures too :)

Owlman said...

Thanks for popping in Eve and Mel. It was an awesome day and nothing beats hangoing out with hard core birders. At each location the tour leader had to keep asking us to move on because we just wanted to keep birding.....

RuthieJ said...

There's a lot worse things a person could be than a bird geek (Vikings fan, for instance)
Welcome to the club Owlman!

Owlman said...

RuthieJ, great point. Actually I've been called a lot worse, although no one has dared to call me a Viking fan - not sure that I could handle that ;-) All I can say is GO PACKERS! I can't wait to see what Aaron does in 2008.

Jochen said...

See, we KNOW we're not geeks but we also KNOW that we LOOK like geeks to others. I mean, seriously: look, for example, at the sheer value of all the optics gathered along the stretch of road: cameras, Svarowskis everywhere, 1000s of $, and what do we do with it?
Take pictures of Pamela Anderson? Sports Cars? No, small brown birds!!

dguzman said...

Big field trips like that are a mixed blessing for me. On the one hand, so many eyes and so much knowledge = more birds seen. On the other, if it's an overly talkative bunch, I worry about them scaring away all the birds! Still--I think it depends on the group. The field trips in Cape May during the autumn migration weekend were AWESOME. It was like birding with the stars: people like Patrick Belardo, Susan Gets Native, Laura H in NJ, and others were just so knowledgeable and fun!

Owlman said...

Jochen, trust me if Pamela Anderson walked around the corner a lot of that hardware would be pointing at her (no pun intended). Having said that we look like geeks to non-birders and I'm beyond the point of caring ;-)

Hey there dguzman> Funny I'm actually going on a bird trip to Sandy hook with one of the stars that you mentioned - Mr. Patrick B. This will actually be the first time that I meet a cyber birding buddy in real life so it should be interesting. Patrick knows a LOT so I'll be learning a lot this weekend and looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather is good and I get some decent bird shots.

Our group is VERY social and they can be noisy at times, so we end of seeing less along the way and more when we stop - so it is definitely a mixed blessing.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting all, as always I appreciate your participation!