A chipping good spring

This spring I've been seeing and hearing Chipping Sparrows all over the place. At first I thought it was just the result of my love for these little guys, but today I managed to capture photographic proof that there are a lot of Chippies in my garden. What I'm not sure about is whether it is a particularly good year for them or whether there are more Chippies in my garden because of my 'new' platform feeder.


Susan Gets Native said...

Now that's a lot of chippies!

Jochen said...

Now, that's a lot of chippies!

Owlman said...

They've been around all weekend. I better starting looking for nests in my evergreens!

Thanks for popping in and commenting Susan and Jochen - much appreciated!

dguzman said...

Nice platform feeder!

Owlman said...

Platform feeder was created using left over pressure treated 2x4's. I was amazed when it was water tight and I had a pond the first time it rained. I drilled a couple of holes and the problem is solved. I counted 21 chippies yesterday!

Incredible photos shared by the Flickr community group - Owls of North America. Click on the play button to begin the slideshow - ENJOY!