Kevin Apuzzio: RIP

We will never forget!
You were a brother to all of us across the nation and you gave the ultimate sacrifice - thank you!


Eve said...

Kevin is a true hero...something everyone should strive to be. He was needed elsewhere, and will obviously be well remembered.

Owlman said...

Eve, sadly many of the line of duty deaths (LODD’s) are needless and the result of carelessness, irresponsibility or ineffective risk assessment on the part of the chief and officers in charge. However, in Kevin’s case the operation was absolutely text book. There were civilians trapped. Kevin and his team went into the house sounding the floor boards as they went to make sure that the floor wasn’t spongy. They managed to locate the trapped lady and started to drag her out. As they got to the door the floor gave in and Kevin fell into the basement. There was no indication that the floor was spongy going in or coming out. Kevin’s crew did everything that was expected of them and the end result was the unfortunate loss of a very young man who had a promising future ahead of him.

There is a lot to learn from Kevin’s death both for firefighters and for the general public. Every LODD should be a wake call for ALL of us to live our lives in a positive manner day in and day out, because you never know when it’s your last. Yes, most people don’t run into burning buildings but unexpected stuff happens. Kevin’s death taught me to be a more responsible and aware firefighter and I hope it has done the same for others, regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer.

Kevin’s sacrifice should never be forgotten.