Kites and Grebes

Today was super relaxing which was nice, as I had plenty of late nights this week finishing off a major project. I was supposed to be working on my basement, but I blew it off to spend time playing hopscotch with my daughter. She's only 4 and she was cheating (I promise), so we moved to the backyard to fly a kite. I never had a kite as a kid so I am still getting used to the whole concept. Being a bird fan I love anything that flies so I spent a considerable time today cruising my $1.50 dollar store kite - yip we really spoil our kids! While out in the backyard I heard some woodpeckers drumming and I also had an Osprey fly over, which is a new garden bird for me - SCORE!

After wrapping up the kite flying we headed for dinner at a diner (told you we live BIG). On the way back we stopped at one of the reservoirs and I managed to get some great looks at a very bold Horned Grebe. There were also two Common Loons hunting in the water close to us and I showed both of them to the oldest ankle biter. I am really doing my best to get the kids into birding and the outdoors. This mindset has been solidified by Bill of the Birds' recent post - No child left inside.

Anyway, I have no bird photos but I did find an awesome video of Horned Grebes diving and fishing courtesy of YouTube.

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