The magic of the web

I just looked at the FEEDJIT map for visitors to my blog today and I must say I'm FASCINATED. Look at how diverse the map is and people are literally coming to the blog from all over the country. I look at the flags on the map and I wonder what it's like to live there. The nice thing about the map is that you can see what the geography looks like. I find myself zooming around the map looking at all the different places and imagining what the birding is like there. To me this gives the internet real power. The power to travel to places in your mind using the resources of computers. Don't get me wrong I would rather travel in the real world, but this is a nice substitute for a Sunday evening.

Now check out the international visitors - sadly no Africans today. Isn't the web amazing though? All of these people came to my blog reading my humble musing from ALL of the world using a zillion different types of readers, feeds, search engines, browsers etc etc - WOW. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you get something from my blog - a laugh, a chuckle, a smile, a slither of info...something.


beckie said...

Yes, the Internet is fascinating. You can connect with all kinds of people from all kinds of places. We can learn and share so much these days. Sometimes we take it for granted, but it is almost a miracle!

Owlman said...

I agree, the internet is a miracle. I keep wondering what we did before it, yet it's only been around and in general use for a relatively short period. Not sure if you've ever seen the TV show Journeyman, but I find it very amusing because he travels back in time to the 1980's where there aren't any cell phones, PDA's, bluetooth, internet, Tivo, iPod etc. When you put yourself in his position you realize how dependent we've become on technology.