No more word verification -zAp

In case you subscribe to the blog and you haven't popped in for a while, I wanted to let you know that I have removed the word verification feature/requirement from the comments sections. It is now easier and less time consuming for you to chat to me. Removing word verification means I have to deal with a little bit more spam, but that's ok - I love hearing from you so I want to make it as easy as possible. Thanks to Lynne for pointing out that this is a pain in the butt - see I listen and act!

How's your weekend going? I had a great trip to Bucks County, PA today - more soon.


John said...

Some word verification images are worse than others. Blogger's at least is readable, even if it times out constantly.

Mel said...

Word verification is annoying! I don't have it either ;)

Owlman said...

Yeah, I agree. Word verification is a good concept but I think it does dissaude people from commenting. I've had a few more spam comments but I just kill those.