Owlbox: Pop in and say hi

I love hearing from people who read my blog and also seeing where they're from both in terms of Geography and the cyberspace i.e. did you come via the web, the Powerguides, another blog etc. To this end I've added a new tracking gadget from Feedjit to my blog which gives me some of the cyber info.

The Feedjit widget is cool but for those of you who haven't done so, please pop in and introduce yourself. I love reading about your birding background and it only takes a few seconds to answer the questions. In case the hyperlink above doesn't work just copy and paste this address into your browser: http://owlbox.blogspot.com/2007/11/are-you-out-there.html

I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon!


Eve said...

Hi Owlman!
I will come back soon to fill out your intro!! It looks like fun!

It was a beautiful day and I am all wore out from enjoying the outdoors and working in the gardens. I LOVE SPRING! Be back soon!
---new spring arrival this am...common snipe!!!---------

mon@rch said...

My name is Tom and also known as mon@rch! I am a blogger and obsessed with nature! I think you knew that already though! BTW: love your new photo!

Owlman said...

Mon@rch you forgot to mention that you are also a very talented photographer! Thanks, the old photo was diteched 'cos I was scaring people..... Not sure the new photo will solve that ;-)

Speaking of profile pics I love your Eve. What bike is that? Having a bike is another one of my dreams although it's not on the cards right now. Besides having that speed wouldn't be good for me as I would be max'ing it out all the time. Not sure my PBA (police benevolent association) card would get me out of trouble if I had a bike!