Someone send me wings

For those of you worry warts out there please don't worry about Thumper, he can hardly catch a cold never mind a Cowbird. He's very loving and pretty, but he's not smart! He's also declawed which makes climbing pretty tough for him. Actually even if he had his claws he would still battle to climb because he's sense of balance stinks. Oh well, he's well fed by his owners and the birds entertain him.

BTW, I'm pretty excited because I am going on a County birding trip to Bucks County, PA. It looks like the weather is supposed to be rainy so not sure how many birds we'll see..... Have a great weekend all and enjoy Spring! If you're in the Southern hemisphere, get out those blankets and warm gear and huddle up around a nice warm fire place.


Eve said...

Hey owlman!
Have a great trip!! Thumper is the perfect kind of cat to have!! Our Elkhound is a little bit of a tub too so he doesn't even bother try to catch a bunny rabbit now!
Good birding!

Owlman said...

Eve I had never had cats until we moved to the States and lived in a condo. I wanted a pet and we couldn't have dogs so I opted for cats. We started with Thumper and he was so much fun that got we got him a little brother (Tigger a.k.a Tiggie). Not having had cats before I treated them more like dogs and Thumper really took to it. He follows me around the house, let’s me turn him upside down, allows me to chase him etc. I never thought cats could be so social and fun. As for the name he has back paws like a rabbit and yes he’s picked up a few pounds of late ;-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

That's a great photo! My boy, Tyson, is the same as Thumper. Not much good at pest removal but very sweet and endearing. And he's never late to dinner.