Video: Great Horned Owl with chick

Amazing video courtesy of Youtube and KCCITV. Can you identify the bird calls in the video? Let's see how many we can get. Drop your thoughts into the comments section please.


Stacey Huston said...

Ok Great video.. Fantastic sound.. I hear the owl of course, and a wood pecker (maybe flicker) and some geese and one other bird that I didn't quite get.. thanks for sharing

RuthieJ said...

Hi Owlman,
That was a great video. Here's what I heard: Canada geese, flicker, robin, eastern bluebird, and downy woodpecker drumming (and some frogs at the very end--spring peepers?)
Was it the adult owl or little owl making those little hooting sounds?

Elaine @ floridabirder said...

Hi Owlman,

Beautiful video, thanks for posting it. I could only distinguish four calls. My guesses: 1st = Canada Geese, 2nd - Pilated Woodpecker, and 3rd - GHO
The 4th in there somewhere - unknown. :)

Eve said...

hi owlman.
Well I got about everything stacey said..Canada geese, the owl sounded a bit strange...I thought it was a flicker too. I thought I heard a robin yelling but then changed my mind to some other woods loving bird that I don't know!! Wish I was better at this.
good challenge!!