Bird purists beware!

By now I think I've scared off all the bird purists but I wanted to post the warning just in case. I love the creativity that Photshop allows you and I'm having a lot fun playing with bird images at the moment. I wanted to post this modified pheasant as I really like the way it came out.


Eve said...

That is so cool Owlman! You know it makes think of the history of not only this beautiful bird but of photography as well. It brings together the past with the present. Just wonderful!
Keep up the great work! But don't forget to keep it real every now and then!!! Ha Ha!!!

Owlman said...

Eve that's definitely true, I guess that's why I like this pic so much - it has a old school feel to it.

I'm having fun with the new effect but I'll defintely post 'real' photos too.

BTW, I don't think you ever answered me about your biking hobby. Is that your bike in the profile pic? What bike is it? Have a gr8 weekend.

Patrick Belardo said...

Quite a pleasant Pheasant. (I'll be here all night!)

Owlman said...

Drum roll please... Patrick not sure if you remember us talking about Indigo Bunting at Sandy Hook. At that time I never thought I'd have on in my garden! I'm super excited.