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For some reason I deleted a very cool site from my personal hard drive and I just managed to recover it. No you PC geeks, I'm not talking about my computer I'm talking about my personal computer - the one in my head. Anyway, I rebooted my brain and I remembered that there is a VERY cool site out there streaming live images from some of Africa's premier wildlife parks. I just returned from cyberspace and I watched Zebra drinking at Nkorho Pan. BTW, Americans say ZZzzzeeeeebra while South Africans say Zeb-ra.

I digress, according to the cam info:
"The cam is located at Nkoro Bush Lodge in the prestigious Sabi Sands Game Reserve, bordering the Kruger National Park, in South Africa...The Pan is situated at the bottom of an open plain, about 250m from Nkoro Bush Lodge and is frequented by a number of resident animals, in particular is the resident herd of wildebeest and impala and a family of warthogs that can often been seen drinking and wallowing in the mud at the pan. The camera is located on top of a termite mound on the Eastern side of the pan and looks Westerly when viewing the pan."

Another bonus is that:
"The Sabi Sands is very productive from a game viewing perspective throughout the year with a peak viewing over the winter months from May through to November." It's Fall in South Africa so this a great time to visit this site.

They have several cams listed on the site but I couldn't get the Elephant's Plains and Time shift camera to load. The great thing is that the Nkorho Pan site is a live streaming camera, which boggles my mind. Knowing the location of the pan it must have taken some SERIOUS logistical planning and flawless execution to get this cam up and running with such great quality. By the way, the camera also has infra red capabilities and night is falling on the African savannah - roll video. Wow, I can hear Jackal calling on the video, but I can’t see them at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and see them.

Hey what are you still doing here go check it out!

BTW, raining and horrible in NJ today - hope you have better weather in your neck of the woods.

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