Nest boxes: Blue Birds

ID'ing bird nests can be a little tricky. It's pretty straightforward if you've seen the bird around the nest, but if you just open a nesting box you may not be 100% sure what you're looking at. In order to help with nest ID's I'm going to post some pictures from the more common nest box visitors. Round 1 goes to the AMAZING Eastern Bluebirds - enjoy!

Eastern Bluebirds build beautifully neat nests. In this area they generally use pine needles and they build a perfectly cup-shaped nest. If you look carefully, you'll see the wood shavings that I put at the bottom of the box.

Generally Blue birds will lay an average of 4-6 eggs. They can have up to 3 broods in a season although 1-2 are most common. Normally my Blue birds will start early and raise two broods. They don't seem to reuse the same box, rather they'll move to another one.

The male is constantly zooming around the box, protecting the box against the local Tree Swallows.

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Eve said...

Thanks Owlman! It's funny because this morning my bluebirds were each sitting on the two houses in my yard that are away from their box. The female flew into her nest box but the male went inside one of the other boxes. At first I was wondering what was going on but after reading your post I'm thinking maybe they are planning for the future! I havent dared look in their box! I would love to know how it's going in there!!
I'm digging gardens and don't have the time I wish to view the birds but my ears work. Sunday my bobolinks showed up...and yesterday it was yellow warblers and a catbird.
Have a great day!