Finches at a Hummingbird feeder?

My brother in law sent me some pictures of House Finches at his Hummingbird feeder. I thought it was VERY strange when he mentioned it to me, but I came across a few examples of this on the net. Have you ever seen or heard about Finches at Hummingbird feeders?

He even took the little landing perches off the feeder and the Finches still managed to cling onto the fake flowers....flap flap flap
He does also have Hummingbirds. Any takers on an ID for this little dude?
Hey what's a Finch doing here? Flap off buster!
Thanks for the pics J!


Shellmo said...

How neat to see! I've been scratching my head wondering if it's normal for sparrows to be feeding on the thistle socks that are meant for my finches.

Susan Gets Native said...

My Mom has house finches constantly sipping at her hummingbird feeder. She gets all mad at them because they are pigs!

Anonymous said...

I live on Vancouver Island in B.C., Canada.

The past few days the finches
have been at my hummingbird feeder constantly.

So clearly this is not unusual
though it is my first time seeing it.

Anonymous said...

They are at my hummingbird feeder too
up here in B.C. on Vancouver Island.

This is the first I've seen this
but it appears to be a common observation.