Frisbee playing Indigo bunting

Not much birding going on this side of the world. I've been hectically busy with work. I was going birding this weekend but plans have changed and the whole gang is heading for the shore instead..... Should be great fun spending time with the ankle biters although very little birding will be done.
The little Indigo is still a regular. The weird thing about it is that I haven't seen the female at all. It's pretty strange that only he comes to the feeder isn't it? Is this a case of male chauvinism in the avian world?


Shellmo said...

I wonder if the color of the frisbee attracted him? I hope he finds a mate soon!

Eve said...

Hey Owlman!
The bunting is beautiful...I don't know much about their behavior as they don't hang out here in the summer. I don't have the right habitat for them I guess. I did have one in the yard last year just long enough to snap a very blurry picture and then it was gone! Have a good birding trip, I'll be looking forward to hearing about it!

Linda said...

Hi Owlman :)

The female Indigo Bunting is a very elusive, shy little girl. You may have seen her and didn't notice. She's a very plain brown - very easy to lump in with the other "LBBs" (little brown birds) i.e.; sparrows... We have quite a few pair that seem to be nesting at the edge of the power lines behind our property. The males are such show-offs, perching out in the open singing their hearts out.

I've been lucky enough to spot two females. One flew in front of me and perched on the power tower. It took me a few seconds to think... what LBB would be out here? Ahh... it's her! Mrs. Indigo Bunting. Her brilliant blue mate flew below her and began his serenade :)

This is the first year I've ever seen them here in north western NJ. I'm quite thrilled to be able to see them whenever I hike the power lines!

Owlman said...

Hi Linda,

It's ironic that you commented on the Indigo because I haven't seen him around for a couple of days. As you know we've been cooking here and I was wondering where the little guy has been. I saw a flash of blue this morning and it brought a smile to my face. I've been looking for the female but haven't seen any small LBJ's besides my Chipping and Song Sparrows. Maybe she is too shy to come visit the feeders that are soo close to the house....

Interesting that you mention that this is the first year you've seen them because we are also in the NW of NJ and I haven't had them here before. I just assumed that the platform feeder had attracted them, but maybe they moved a little further this year..... Either way, I am ecstatic that I have a male cruising around the garden.

Thanks for the info and for popping in.