Funny signs

I had to take a picture when I saw this one!

I think they'd return this slave after an hour....she doesn't stop talking so she wouldn't be very productive. I love the worried look! In case you're wondering she can't read and I didn't tell her about the sign. If she has my sense of humor she'll get a kick out of it in a couple of years. We were in Lancaster County, PA (Amish country) and being a girly girl she had to have one of the little flowery bonnets. I think it looks hysterically funny and we got a couple of weird looks from people, which peeked my sense of humor even more.


Susan Gets Native said...

Now that's MY kind of humor.

Mel said...

LOL, priceless caption!!

Owlman said...

No way Susan I would never have know ;-)

I love funny signs like these.

Thnaks for popping in Mel.