House Wrens: The invasion begins

I love House Wrens and I have at least 4 pairs nesting on my 1 acre property. I'm not sure what the average nesting density is for these feisty little birds but all I hear when I go outside is baby Wrens cheeping. Don't get me wrong I love these guys, but even I have to draw a line somewhere. I looked out at my very empty feeders this morning and noticed a House Wren sitting on my well worn (not run down) cottage feeder. While I was watching her she slips onto the feeder and then disappeared inside. Hmmm, she must be looking for bugs in there I thought. Next thought was that I need to get my lazy %$#@*(&&^ ass out there to fill the feeders back up.

Mrs. Wren (I assuming she's married) left and then came back, this time she was armed with nesting material. No way missie you're not taking over the feeders. I know I've been a bad boy and the feeders shouldn't be empty, but this particular spot belongs to all birds. I'll be evicting the new arrival shortly. Here are some action shots of mamma-to-be (but not in this location) in action.


Susan Gets Native said...

In response to your native grass question.
Little bluestem is a great plant. It's really pretty (blue....who'da thunk?) when it's mature, and it spreads really well. I have volunteers popping up everywhere!
Buffalo grass is native to NJ, too.
I trim the bluestem in the spring and it just gets bigger. the birds eat the seeds, too.
A great plant.

Owlman said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the info - it's much appreciated!